[SC 300/SC 400] przeróbka dolotu sposób 1

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[SC 300/SC 400] przeróbka dolotu sposób 1

Postprzez maxkow » 20 wrz 2010, o 21:17

1. The standard filter box
(note in this photo the bottom lip excludes water - a solid pipe going to airbox means every bit of water, grit and bugs end up in the filter - not so with the BFI)
- front vertical face cut out completely leaving a 5 mm vertical rim around the hole (15mm across the top! - need this much space for sealing later on - in the above photo the top rim is too small!).
Note in this photo how high the foam has to be to seal against the bonnet. The gap above the airbox is quite large (3.5 cm)

EVA closed cell foam to seal edges of box to car surfaces above, below and to sides. (3.5 cm gap above airbox lid to bonnet when closed! - I though it would be much closer).
2. Under the headlight
(note how thick the foam has to be to seal against the headlight - with the headlight in place you can feel under it with your hand to make sure it seals. Don't put too much in their - you want the headlight to fit nicely - no bulge up. See how I had to have two goes at it buy sticking another layer of foam on top of the first estimate!)

Why stick a pipe under here to introduce more friction losses and make fitting a pain? - just use the bottom of the headlight as the roof and insert a piece of plywood below. Cut strip of EVA foam to smoothly direct air around. The strip has to be quite high to reach headlight. This gives maximum volume under headlight and minimises losses.


(on my active the plate rested on top of the suspension oil cooler - I had to bend the left hand support bracket out of the way to get the plate in. I always make a template out of cardboard first.)


You can see the flat bottom of the headlight here (above right) - it is used as part of the air intake

3. Chamber between the high beams.


firstchamber1.jpg (43055 bytes)

(This is a confusing photo at first - this is looking down in front of the radiator - you are looking at the top of the plastic shroud that diverts air to the radiator. The edge nearest the front has been lowered and now scoops air. The sensor is on the right))

No use fitting a pipe into here through the triangular hole - just makes it smaller and flows less and delivers sand and bugs and water to filter. The chamber separates water, bugs and dirt from the airstream if left alone. It is nice and big - holds a big store of pressurised air ready for stomping on the throttle. All you need to do is lower the leading edge - the easiest and quickest part of the whole operation. The metal strip bars are removed and refitted once the leading edge is down. I had to relocate a denso sensor on the air filter side to above the leading edge instead of below it -easy. I supported the edge downwards with a column of foam strips in the middle. The left hand leading edge is now down to the centre horizontal bar (half way).

(close up of the intake below licence plate - see that stack of foam holding the edge down? - it looks terrible! - did the job but it is getting replaced - that's me grunting to get down low for photo in bumper reflection.)


(The air intake is the blue rectangle - the black backing plate for the licence plate is removed and a skinny plate installed so no air flow is affected)

The right hand side gradually returns to original postion.

November 2001

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