[SC 300/SC 400]Polerowanie Lamp przednich

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[SC 300/SC 400]Polerowanie Lamp przednich

Postprzez maxkow » 20 wrz 2010, o 21:23

So, you just bought a new Soarer and want to impress all your friends, the temptation is to go straight out and start visiting and showing off right?

Wait! If you want to impress people, you need to spend a few minutes getting the car up to standard first. You only get one chance to create a first impression, so why not totally blow their socks off?

First up, give the car a wash and if you have the patience give it a nice polish also. Check the inside, often a quick wipe of the plastic parts can remove dust etc giving it more of a new car feel. Even if you don't clean the inside, do clean the glass, nothing makes as big a difference to a passenger as clean or dirty windows. Yes, it takes a few minutes, but it can mean you get "Wow!" instead of "Nice car" when people have a ride. It will make you feel a lot more excited too.

Next, the headlights. Most Soarer headlights look terrible, yellowing and cloudy. You may have read all about removing, dismantling and cleaning them and it sounds like a right pain - and it is, but most headlights can be vastly improved by a simple clean of the outside. I use Meguires Scratch-X (available from most car accessory shops and even supermarkets) which is actually a very mildly abrasive paint cleaner used to remove fine scratches in car paint work, but other people have used things like Brasso, toothpaste etc.

Five minutes with a clean rag can turn this


Into this:


That's a pretty good return for 5 minutes of effort.

If your headlights are still grungy then the problem is inside the sealed unit and you need to do the proper full removal, dismantle and clean tutorial.

by soarer
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